I haven't written in this blog for several years! I guess nobody has been holding their breath or I'd have heard about it by now. Over the past six years I've accomplished a few things, and started on a few more:
Land travel has taken the place of sailing, and Bob and I have spent a bit more time in Tasmania where our property lies. My parents in Brisbane are a little older and not as mobile these days. My Dad no longer drives so they are both dependent on us for transport, or community assisted transport service (CATS). Bob and I both volunteer as drivers also, for CATS. It has been very enjoyable actually, and we see ourselves continuing with this activity.
I've also begun another blog! For years I've wanted to do something like this, and finally took the plunge. My blog assistant and friend, Rachel Dool, has been ably guiding me through this, and it's grown to the point where I feel comfortable promoting it. Treat Yourself Now is slowly developing, and although it will never replace professional evaluation and treatment, I hope it will become a useful resource for those wanting tools to perform self-treatment at home for their ailments.
Please feel free to explore this site and to share it with others: www.treatyourselfnow.net