I'm Judy MacDonnell, an Australian, and I've been blessed to have had quite an interesting life.  My parents taught school on several Pacific islands while I was growing up (Samoa, Cook Islands and New Guinea), and when I graduated from the Universtity of Queensland as a physiotherapist my wanderlust continued.  I've worked in Australia, the USA, England and Saudi Arabia, and have travelled extensively between jobs. 

I met my husband Bob, an electrical engineer, in Saudi Arabia and we married in 1997.  When we left Saudi Arabia at the end of 1998 we became residents of Vanuatu, and lived on a 12 metre catamaran.  Ten years later, in 2009, we sold the boat and have been doing more land travel in Australia, the USA and Canada, Bob's homeland. 

My great interest at present is writing -- actually I've always been interested in reading and writing, but in the past few years I've become more serious about publishing.  Please see my book site for more information on that.  I also love Bible study, learning more about health and good food, and photography.

I am excited to share pictures, information and ideas with anyone who is interested.  And I would love to hear from you if you have anything to share with me !   

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